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Commission - Ubiquitor :iconalinesm:AlineSM 18 7 Commission - DayDreamPrincess :iconalinesm:AlineSM 19 2 ADOPT 30 (!!AUCTION OPEN!!) :iconalinesm:AlineSM 17 4 Royal Nabixie :iconalinesm:AlineSM 14 3 Commission - David3X :iconalinesm:AlineSM 25 1 Commission -Voxsteller :iconalinesm:AlineSM 15 2 Commission - ironkobe :iconalinesm:AlineSM 53 7 Commission - ironkobe :iconalinesm:AlineSM 82 21 Royal Nabee (CLOSED) :iconalinesm:AlineSM 19 4 Contest Entry :iconalinesm:AlineSM 15 2 Commission - DayDreamPrincess :iconalinesm:AlineSM 33 6 Commission - Ubiquitor :iconalinesm:AlineSM 58 15 Commision - spankyhamm :iconalinesm:AlineSM 28 6 Commom Naboo (CLOSED) :iconalinesm:AlineSM 19 4 Commom Nabee (CLOSED) :iconalinesm:AlineSM 17 10 Nabees and Naboos: Species Sheet :iconalinesm:AlineSM 16 2
!! OPEN!!


Bullet; Black For money commissions notify me and i'll send my paypal account.

Bullet; Black For point commissions please use the Commission Widget

Bullet; Black The prices in the Commission Widget are only for one character and an abstract background (free)

Bullet; Black If you want more characters and an simple or detailed background tell me and i'll put a button with the specific price.


Star! Chibi, Bust up and Half Body

$6 or 600 Points (+ $4 or 400 Points for each additional character)

 Point Commission - kaorublackstone1 by AlineSM  Point Commission - Nana-Blank by AlineSM  Point Commission - BiPinkBunny by AlineSM  Point Commission - PoweredButtercup10 by AlineSM  Point Commission - Nana-Blank by AlineSM  Anna Kyoyama by AlineSM

Star!  Full Body

$8 or 800 Points (+ $6 or 600 Points for each additional character)


Star! Bust Up
$10 or 1000 Points (+ $7 or 700 Points for each additional character)

Commission - IcebatofvalikinRRBZ8 by AlineSM

Star!  Chibi and Half Body

$15 or 1500 Points (+ $10 or 1000 Points for each additional character)

Commission - BiPinkBunny by AlineSM   Point Commission - Melody-Yoshida by AlineSM   Point Commission - Nekokorochii by AlineSM   Point Commission - Larinelle by AlineSM  Point Commission - dweeblet by AlineSM   Point Commission - yansenwijaya by AlineSM

Star!  Full Body

$20 or 2000 Points (+ $15 or 1500 Points for each additional character)

  Point Commission - FallenAngelGM by AlineSM  Point Commission - FallenAngelGM by AlineSM  Point Commission - ShiningSiria by AlineSM  Point Commission 2 - teamrocketcutieadopt by AlineSM


Star!  Complex characters may rise the price (undefined price, depending on the complexity)

Anwar- Avalon Code by AlineSM


Star!  Abstract background - FREE 
Birthday Gift - IcebatofvalikinRRBZ8 by AlineSM  Commission - tojonozomi by AlineSM  Commission - Tribean85 by AlineSM

Star!  Simple Background
$10 or 1000 Points


Point Commission - Laharl234 by AlineSM  Making Friends by AlineSM  Request- Harry Potter Story by AlineSM I'm the best! by AlineSM  Request- Blu and Kits by AlineSM      

Star! Detailed background 
$15 or 1500 Points points

Karen by AlineSM  Concentrated Witch by AlineSM    Afternoon tea by AlineSM  Birthday gift for BiPinkBunny - 2 by AlineSM  Girl by AlineSM  Girl by AlineSM


Star!  Other styles (undefined price, depending on the complexity) 

  Pink Fairy by AlineSM   Evil Girl green by AlineSM   Alice's Sister by AlineSM


Star!  ICONS - 50x50

Bullet; Black Simple animation

$5 or 500 Points

  Alinesm by AlineSM   Icon Commission - Bipinkbunny by AlineSM   New-icon2 by AlineSM

Bullet; Black Complex animation

$8 or 800 Points

Icon Commission - Bipinkbunny by AlineSM

Star!  PAGEDOLLS 150x150 AND PIXELART 300x300

Bullet; Black Simple animation

$10 or 1000 Points

  Pixel Commission - yansenwijaya by AlineSM   Pixel Art 2 by AlineSM

Bullet; Black Complex animation

$15 or 1500 Points

  Pixel Art by AlineSM Pixel Pagedoll by AlineSM


Bullet; Black Maximum of 6 frames per page.
Bullet; Black Includes simple background.

Star!  Black and White
$30 or 3000 Points  (until 2 characters)
+ $20 or 2000 Points for each additional page
+ $8 or 800 Points for each additional character per page

Comic Commission Pg1- JLpaca by AlineSM Price: $38 or   3800 Points    Comic Commission Pg2- JLpaca by AlineSM Price: $38 or   3800 Points  

Star!  Coloured
$40 or 4000 Points  (until 2 characters)
+ $30or 3000 Points for each additional page
+ $10 or 1000 Points for each additional character per page

PPGZ - Chapter 2 - Pg. 13 by AlineSM Price: $40 or 4000 Points  PPGZ - Chapter 2 - Pg. 07 by AlineSM Price: $60 or   6000 Points  PGZ - Chapter 2 - Pg. 18 by AlineSM Price: $80 or 8000 Points

You can se more examples in my gallery:…


* I won't do:

- Porn, hentai, ecchi, mecha, gore



* I accept:

- Yuri/yaoi, furries/anthros, original characters and fanart.

- I’m better at anime style but I also accept other styles (If i believe I'm qualified to)



    Bullet; Black I'll only start drawing your request after I receive the payment

    Bullet; Black If you have a specific pose or composition in mind please tell me and give me a reference. If you don't mention it, I'll 
    understand I'm free to create the pose.

    Bullet; Black I have the right to refuse your commission, if I think I will not be able to do what you asked.

    Bullet; Black Normally I add some abstract background, like in the examples. You can choose a transparent or white background too.

    Bullet; Black I usually send a preview of sketch/lineart/work in progress.



* No claiming the artwork as your own or use it for selling purposes


* If commission status says "closed", please wait for it to be open again before you send me a note.


* All commissions are non refundable


Bullet; Black I'll add your name after receive the payment (points or cash)*

Bullet; Black One slot per drawing*

Star! SLOTS:

1. :icondaydreamprincess: (!!DONE!!)

2. :iconubiquitor:

3. :iconkyria-zephyrea:

4. :iconraykamiya:








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DayDreamPrincess Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
IcebatofvalikinRRBZ8 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Hi! Just wondering if you accept art trades?
AlineSM Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nope... sorry :(
IcebatofvalikinRRBZ8 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Student Digital Artist
How come you don't accept trades?
AlineSM Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmmm... i'm not into getting drawings of others :(
I prefer to draw things myself...

And i needing money to help in home ...^^;

So to me if i accept trades is the same as make a drawing for free :(

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IcebatofvalikinRRBZ8 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :(
riukime Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Are ya gonna draw some more ppgz art soon? :3
AlineSM Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I won't be drawing anything until march 15...
I'm busy with my thesis :(
riukime Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Ah okay I understand! I can wait ^°^
SuperTest4EVER Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy Holidays! And Merry Christmas!
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